Born in 2000 with the merger of two firms with 30 years of history, Master Fluid S.r.l. represents the meeting point of high projecting and building skills in complementary sectors, where the heritage of abilities and experiences is combined with the the use of the latest technologies, to offer products and services highly valuable for the market.

The Company mainly operates in three lines of business:

  1. Design and production of special equipment for industrial and urban cleaning, in addition to a wide range of fitted systems for industrial vehicles, realising specifically:
    • High pressure cold and hot water jetting equipment;
    • Streets washing equipment, leaf vacuum units, monitoring units;
    • Sewage draining units and pipes cleaning units;
    • Hydraulic cranes, industrial dischargeable loaders and dumpers.
  2. Services of assistance / reparation / testing of fitted systems and equipment
  3. Distribution of spare parts and accessories.

The Company directly operates through a qualified distributors network, active on italian and foreign markets.

From June 2014 Master Fluid has been merged with P.T.C. Srl, a company with headquarters in Genova, specialized in the sector of high and very high pressure water.

Trade Fair - Ecomondo 2014

The four days dedicated to the environmental system at fiera Ecomondo 2014 in Rimini have shown that the green economy is not just a part of the economy but rather one of the most important drivers of global growth and the companies taking part at the fair have everything in order to be part ofthis growth.

For further information. . PTC & Master Fluid at Ecomondo 2014.

Torpedo Hotwater Urban Cleaning

Improved cleaning, hygiene and quality of urban environments. Quick removal of chewingum from every kind of surface (asphalt, concrete, natural stones, tiles.). Effective cleaning of graffiti from walls, monuments, urban fornitures, veichles. Cleaning, washing, renovation of surfaces and floorings, removal of organìc and pollutant residues, incrustations.

Quick and simple with Torpedo system.
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Cold Water Hydrodynamic Units

Rapid and effective operations everywhere Thanks to the compactness of units, to work also where the sewer cleaning/canal jet trucks have difficulty of access: town centres, pedestrian areas, narrow streets, subways, garages, yards.

Smaller investment, compared with the purchase of conventional equipments made on big and dedicated trucks.
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The very versatile Jet Trailer

The Jet Trailer is a compact mobile hydrodynamic unit ideal for the professional unblocking and cleaning of drains and sewers. It can be fitted out with a wide range of hydrocleaning and waterjetting systems to tackle almost any professional cleaning or washing requirement.
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Jet Trailer

Twister Leaf Vacuum

Leaf-clearing on roads, cleaning large areas after events, concerts, fairs, arkets, cleaning of squares and industrial areas. The high waste collection and compaction capacity of the container, the powerful suction unit, high load capacity and large pipe diameter, greatly reduce cleaning times and transportation to processing centres.
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